Monday, October 21, 2019

Little Shop of Horrors Review essays

Little Shop of Horrors Review essays On the evening of Saturday, April 27, 2002, I saw Little Shop of Horrors preformed at the Lyric Opera Theatre. The level of humor and spunk the musical play maintained throughout the whole performance was extraordinary. My favorite aspects of the night were the drama the accompaniment in the songs (both instrumental and voice) created and the changing dynamics. The accompaniment during all of the songs was amazing. During Da-Doo in Act I, Seymour (our main character) introduces Audrey II (the plant) in a talky-singy Recitative-type song that was like a monologue for Seymour with the Ronnettes accompanying him with the phrase Da-Doo (which was like an ostinato.) Seymour puts the Audrey II in the store window while narrating the song and talking about when he found her after the total eclipse and all the while, the Ronnettes are responding Da-Doo which created full cadences that allowed Seymour to thicken the plot for the audience. The general effect was that of humor (in the story) and suspense because I wanted to see what was going to happen; I knew something was coming but what? Directly following this, in Grow For Me and Somewhere Thats Green, the piano accompaniment and text painting was fun and full of emotion that made me connect with Seymours innocence (how was he to know that the plant was tricking him?) and Audreys pain (her a busive boyfriend). Seymour gives Audrey II drops of blood to make it grow and when each drop goes down, the sounds reminded me of droplets of water. It was a lot like rain which was a symbol of the drama that would come (rain symbolized dreary things for me) and gave me a feeling of anxiety. The musical and vocal accompaniment wasnt anything special to the uneducated ear but to me, it foreshadowed events that would change the lives of the characters. The revealing dynamics in all of the songs were intriguin...

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