Saturday, July 27, 2019

American Apparel Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American Apparel - Assignment Example This leadership style could be disadvantageous when American Apparel expands in future. Thus in the subsequent years, it is necessary that the management of American Apparel makes serious attempts to separate the repute and corporate image of the company from the personal life of Dov Charney. Moreover, with the growth and expansion of American Apparel, it would be advisable to shift towards a flatter hierarchy of business management. The success of the business strategies of a company depends on the alignment of the strategies with the core business strengths of the company. This is because the consideration of the strengths of the company while planning its future business strategies would ensure that American Apparel sustains its competitive advantage over time. The strategies that America Apparel should pursue in consideration to its unique business strengths in order to ensure future success are discussed as follows: American Apparel had always concentrated on the market segment comprising of young adults and believed that there was enormous potential for high quality and elegant fashion essentials in this segment (American Apparel, 2011). The designs as well as aesthetics of the products offered by American Apparel should hence be attractive and alluring to the young and urban adults. American Apparel should offer a line of iconic and everlasting styles for their target segment throughout the year in an extensive assortment of colours. They should also make an attempt to price their offerings at a reasonable rate. This would facilitate the sustainability of American Apparel over time. The advertisement campaigns of an organization communicate an exclusive and specific brand image of the business that differentiates it from its peers (Shah, & D’Souza, 2009). American Apparels’ advertising campaigns should attempt to build a connection with its target customers.

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