Friday, July 26, 2019

Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 32

Essay Example it as well; there are times when it helps man and other times when it becomes man’s enemy because it replaces the personal input he would have in his work otherwise. Man becomes divorced from his own work, while some even lose their livelihood to these machines as well. John Paul II further went onto state that it turns man into nothing but a slave. The late pope called for more harmony between workers in this section. It was the pope’s point of view that capitalism and labor were at odds with each other and this conflict was born from the industrial developments that took place in the western world. This conflict illustrated itself in the values found in liberalism and Marxism. He places more emphasis on the importance of labor than capital. He sees labor as essential to driving work, where as capital is only a mere tool. He also talks about property and the church’s stand on the principle of right. Here, the church disagrees not just with Marxist ideas that promote collectivism, but also the liberalistic ideas of capitalism. Human rights that come within the circumference of one’s work are the very basic rights that are allotted to a person. The Pope outlined unemployment as a great social problem, which didn’t just break down the social fabric through economics, but also perpetuated weak morality. He wrote against one-sided centralization by the authorities that left many out of jobs. He referred to agricultural work and how it had its own dignified way. Work has to be organized in a way that suits a person and their life. Demographics need to be taken into account such as a person’s age and gender etc. Women, according to John Paul II, should be allotted jobs that fit them without prejudice; but they must avail jobs without creating problems for their families. He also emphasized on the importance of perks and benefits, along with time off from work so that workers do not burn out. Unions are of the utmost importance because they can ensure that

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